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Mother, epitome of love.

To which and from which our knowledge of love derives, to love and be loved. It's thanks to our parental figures, biological or not, that we learn how to love, that we perpetuate some patterns. It is also because of them that we break others. It's through their love that we love the other. That we love ourselves.

It is also the expected role for a woman to play: be a mother. It's the standardized behaviors that are instilled from young age and all the fables formed since then. But what happens when a woman choses not to fulfill that role? How do you break a life's purpose that is becoming a mother?

Je te laisserai des mots aims to portray, through images, the support of the written word and arquive images, a woman's option of not being a mother. Through a personal format such as a diary, in a visual dialogue between mother and daughter, it aims to leave words to whomever wants to read. It aims to leave images to whomever wishes to see. It also pretends to bring up the idea that a person's identity is something separate from its social and biological role. It also brings up the fragility of the existent biases related to a woman's role in society. It's a project about the passage of time, about affection, about the pressure that society, religion and the patriarchy has had on a woman's body, something that only concerns to her. 

This project is a statement. It is also an homage to motherhood.

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